Monday, February 6, 2012

The Real Esate Agent

Since I am a liscensed real estate agent in the state of Illinois, I am obviously biased on this topic!  I do strongly believe that you should have a qualified, experienced, dedicated real estate agent in your power team.  There are a many reasons why this is the case.

  • Greater knowledge of "The Market" than you
  • Greater knowledge of the contracts and documents you will be useing
  • Saves you time finding the great deals
  • Additional strength in negotiating you a better deal
  • May bring other valuable contacts to the your us
  • Provides an unbiased opinion of things
  • "Pocket Listings" 

     These are just a number of the reasons why you should have a real estate agent involved in your power team.  I could go into great detail in discussing each one of these points, but we can have that conversation another time.  The greatest part of this power team member, is that he/she won't cost you a single dollar.  Don't get use to it though, the rest of your power team members can get quite pricey.

    Your Real Estate Investing Mentor,
    Rob Hayes

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