Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Do It

Yes, we have all heard this famous catch phrase and no, this is not another advertisement from Nike! This is the simple advice that I want to give to all the people in my life that do not invest in real estate. This is the simple advice that I want to give to all the people that approach me and ask, "How do I get started?"

As a long time member and the current Library Chairman of the Chicago Area Real Estate Investors Association (, I find myself with a unique challenge. I would love to see every member of the group borrowing a new piece of material every month... Although, if every month they are reading a new book, studying a new program, or watching a DVD when are they ever going to get out there and start their first deal? One of the most common issues that prevent a first time investor from doing their first deal is a thing called, "analysis paralysis". My simple advice to those people would be, JUST DO IT!

One of the investors and authors I have learned a great deal from is Robert Kyosaki. In addition to being one of the key authors in our industry, he has also designed a board game called, "Cash Flow". If you have never heard of the game or played it, I would highly recommend that you try it.  The Chicago Area Real Estate Investors Association hosts a game night once month for its members.  If you don't live in the Chicago area, you can start your own game night, or find one that's already running.  Sites like are great for finding and starting a Cash Flow game night.  A fellow investor and myself do host a monthly Cash Flow game night in the western suburbs of Chicago.  We would love for you to join us for a night of games, networking, and great real estate conversation.  All the details can be found at "Chicagoland Cashflow Club" on

My goal as a real estate investor is to get out of the "rat race", and through this board game I've learned that this can be done no matter what my profession is.  The one common thread that I see, is that you must be doing deals. This is vital.  I cannot move toward my goal if I am sitting on the sidelines and watching all the deals being done by others.  Whether I am buying 500 sq. ft studio condominiums or 64 unit apartment complexes, the important part is that I am doing something to increase my real estate portfolio.

So, to close this blog, I encourage everyone to do what it takes to keep yourself motivated in your real estate investing career. You can join a local real estate investing organization... You can participate in social activity like joining a Cash Flow game night... You can read blogs such as this... No matter how you grow as a real estate investor, Nike and I would like to remind you: JUST DO IT!

Your real estate investing mentor,
Rob Hayes

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