Sunday, January 22, 2012

Real Estate Investors Associations

There is an amazing amount of value and education when participating in these groups.  It breaks my heart every time I talk to a new investor and hear they just came back from a "Real Estate Investors Boot Camp" in which they got at a great deal on.  They took advantage of the holiday pricing of only $3,000.00 for the entire weekend!!!  What hurts even more is when I think of the 100's of new investors who have done this, and have yet to put together a deal.

If you ask me, I think that joining your local real estate investors association is the best value when it comes to real estate education.  In the Chicago suburbs alone there are a number of different associations to choose from.  I'm not hear to sell you on a particular one, but I think that they all have a great deal to offer.  For around $100, you can get a one year membership to any of them...and this is where you can really get an education.  It may take some time to figure out who in the organization is worth talking to, but there probably is wealth of knowledge to be found at one of these meetings.  Whether you're looking to find a real estate coach, or to learn more about passive income, or being a landlord, the people who actually have the experience doing these things are at these meetings.  So be proactive and search these people out!  Don't be pushy... Don't try to get all of questions answered at the first meeting... but act professional and sincere and you can get a lot out of these organizations with spending just a fraction of the money.

So my advice to all of the new investors out there... Put the credit card back in your pocket when it comes to the weekend boot camp, and join your local REIA.  You can find a list of them in your area at  With the extra $2,900 in your pocket you have the down payment to buy your very first real estate investment.

Your real estate investing mentor,
Rob Hayes

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